Our Services

SHOPIKOS provides shipping service of packages from U.S.A. to any country in the world.

We can help to buy products in U.S. for You and ship packages to your country.

There are two type of convenient services available for our customers  Ship to Me and Buy for Me.


Ship to Me

Use your Ship to Me service with SHOPIKOS, which provided US mailing address as your shipping address for all purchases from US online shops.

With your new  registered address with SHOPIKOS  you’ll be assigned a unique Suite number mailbox address in USA.

You are doing shopping online from any U.S. shops and have it shipped to our warehouse in the United States.

We store your package and ship them from U.S.A. to your country.

Buy for Me

Shopikos  provides Buy for Me  service to individuals and companies, which would like to purchase goods in the US, but can’t buy products online due of different challenges.

Some US Shops don’t  accept  non US credit cards or only accepts a USA Billing Address.

So tell us what you want to buy from any shop in USA and we can help to purchase them for You for a small fee.

Requesting our Buy for Me service, one of our  experts will help you to complete the purchase.

We purchase the products for you and when package  arrives at our warehouse, we will inform you by email to arrange shipping of purchased goods to your address.


Register and get your FREE new US address.

With your new  registered address with SHOPIKOS, you can shop in any U.S. shop  and  use as your delivery address when you make purchases online.

Receiving parcels

When your parcel reaches to our warehouse, we will accept and will hold them in our warehouse free of charge up to 30 days.

We will notify you via email for your new parcel and you can find more details in My Orders page in SHOPIKOS website and choose delivery method, which mostly convenient for you.

Consolidation Services

Shopikos offers consolidation services: repackaging to minimize dim weight or consolidation of multiple-store orders.

We are taking multiple shipments and items out of their boxes, then Repackaging them into one box, which become cost effective for shipping and save your shipment rates up to 80 percent.

Shipping services

We ship your parcels to your country address through leading delivery services like USPS EMS, Prority, First class and Airmail.

Use our online calculator to calculate shipping costs for your country.  Select what is the best shipping method for you and we will ship your package to your own shipping address. 

Storage parcles

We place your parcel in our warehouse and hold them free of charge up to 30 days.


We can insure your purchased goods against loss or damages.  The insurance cost is shown in My Orders page.